Delivering Data Security and Testing Solutions

Ixia is the leading provider of comprehensive network test and network visibility products that enable equipment manufacturers, service providers, enterprises, and government agencies to ensure high performance of wired, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G/LTE networks, devices, services, and applications in pre-deployment labs and production networks.

Intelligent Visibility  

NTO 6212 & Application and Threat Intelligence Processor Better data for better decisions
GTP Session Controller  Intelligent distribution and control of mobile network traffic
TradeView High performance monitoring of market data feeds

Network Access  


Net Optics Network Taps Passive network access for security and monitoring tools
Net Optics Tap Aggregators Combine traffic from network links for monitoring tools
Net Optics Bypass Switches Fail-safe deployments for inline security tools
Virtual Tap Passive network access to traffic passing between VMs

Network Packet Brokers

Net Tool Optimizers Out-of-band traffic aggregation, filtering, dedup, load balancing
Security Packet Brokers Inline traffic aggregation, filtering, failover, and load balancing for security tools


Global Management System  NTO global environments
Indigo Pro Unified visibility management platform



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