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DSI Secure Business Consultancy Services

There is a big advantage for businesses across all industries who do not possess the necessary I.T skills internally to have their general day to day I.T operations and troubleshooting services managed by DSI Secure. We have good relationships with the majority of South Africa's hardware suppliers and the majority of the Internet Services Providers which means that we are able to then act on our clients behalf to find a quicker resolution to their concerns. I.T is fast becoming more and more critical for all areas in business to function meaning and let's face it the loss if these services are never planned and can be quite expensive to replace.

An Example of these services could be:

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Server or Workstation crashes
  • Email downtime
  • Theft
  • Backup Services
  • New staff additions
  • Data Removal Services
  • Data Recovery Services
  • New Product Training
  • And Many More

What can DSI Secure offer you?

We have different levels of Support:

Gold -- As and When requirement & just monitoring
Silver -- 24/7 Monitoring, 24-48 hr SLA, 2-4 hr site access
Platinum -- 24/7 Monitoring, 4-8 hr SLA, 6-12 hr site access/ dedicated offsite engineer
Diamond -- 24/7 Monitoring, 4-8 hr SLA, Unlimited site access/dedicated offsite Engineer

So let us take your headache away and contact us for your free assessment.

DSI Secure Consultancy Services for POPI Act Compliance

Are you wondering what the POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013)  means for you and your business?

Have you realised that you need to start preparing for compliance with POPI but are not sure how to start?

Talk to us at DSI Secure, we can help you address these questions and fast track your POPI Act compliance.  How can we help you?

Firstly, we offer you a free trial of our POPI Self Assessment developed in association with our strategic partner.

Secondly, based on our implementation experience, we offer a range of service offerings that enable you to start your POPI compliance journey either on your own or with our help on a packaged implementation service basis.

For a free assessment please click here.

DSI Secure POPI Service Offerings

We have developed and are offering a number of POPI Act Services and Solutions in order to help you accelerate your POPI programs without starting from scratch.       

An introduction to our range of POPI Act Services, designed to help you to prepare for compliance with the new Act, is provided below.  

The services range from a basic toolset, to services which contain toolsets and varying amounts of consulting assistance, to a custom level where large and complex requirements exist.

The packaged POPI services have been designed using experience gained by our consultants during customer engagements in this area and have been made available to help organisations accelerate their preparation for complying with the new legislation when it becomes effective.

POPI-TO-GO Package -- Entry Level incl tools but no consultancy
Basic POPI Service -- Incl Tools & 20 hrs consultancy
Advanced POPI Service -- Incl Tools & 40 hrs consultancy
Custom POPI Service -- Incl Tools & undefined consultancy

Please note we also offer the below services:

On-demand Support Services -- Support services are also available to provide further support after delivery of the services referred to above if required.