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DSI Secure was established to fulfill a gap in the I.T and Telecommunications Industries. Companies of all sizes will be receiving service based on 18 years of experience. No requirement is too small and all ventures will be looked at as a new Project.

Cybercrime is on the increase as cyber-criminals find new ways to gain unlawful access into corporate infrastructures across all industries. New vulnerabilities are found daily, web application attacks leave websites vulnerable and viruses become increasingly silent and stealthy. Often, the simplest things can be the cause of an entire company infrastructure being compromised. With the new Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act coming into affect organisations will need to comply to ensure that all personal and corporate information is protected. We can offer portable encrypted devices from iStorage Africa as well as going the extra mile and offering Encryption as a Service (EaaS) with SimplySecure from Beachhead Solutions. We are an accredited POPI consultancy business so we can assess your business and then provide you with tools to achieve full compliance. DSI Secure can also assist your business for PCI/DSS Compliance where we offer a software tool to help you achieve this. 

DSI Secure aspires to provide the best of breed solutions to ensure that your organisation and its employees’ sensitive information is safe and secure thus making it more difficult for the cyber criminals. 

This is done in a variety of ways including attack and penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, encrypted devices, adding of additional security or network devices and keeping your company constantly safe with a month-to-month service level agreement.

We are also accredited as a supplier of certified Cyber Security training programs from EC-Council which will provide businesses with the required skills to implement the best strategies and finally slow down the hackers in the world. 

Firewalls, Endpoint, SOAR, Zero Day and Known Malware Solutions.

Firewalls, Endpoint, SOAR,Zero Day and Known Malware Solutions.

Cyber Training for CEH, CHFI, CND, CCISO and CSCU.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) including encryption.

Network mapping and monitoring.

Encrypted storage solutions.

Mini Firewall for Home & Business

           Threat Intelligence Platform

Automated Anti Phishing Solution

Firewall Management & Security Monitoring

Firewalls, Cloud, Endpoint, DDoS


 Firewalls for Endpoint, Network & Cloud

Personal & Business Cyber Insurance